Reviews by manz
for crafty bizz peeps
A great little one-stop book with quick answers to craft business + legal questions. It's not all inclusive, but NOLO usually does a nice job with layout and informational layout, and it's true here as well. Easy to follow, easy to find what you're looking for.

It's a must browse for those turning crafts into a hobby or business venture.
sports fiction for teens
I really enjoyed this book! I usually don't get into sports fiction, but this one sounded interesting, and it was. Paul is uprooted to a new town, in a new state, and he ends up with a wacky middle school experience that involves classes in trailers, sink holes and lightning. He is a believable character with wit, wisdom, determination, and sensitivity.

I haven't read many books set in Florida that revolved around the citrus crop. It was great seeing a bit of that, and how it affects daily life for some people.

Get your craft on!
This is such a great book! Lotta has a flair for design. Her designs are simple and appealing, and a tad Scandinavian, which I love. This book is full of easy to follow projects involving various methods of printing.

I highly recommend this and her many other craft/sewing/printing books!

Grab a textile, grab some paint, let's go!
good teen book
John Green and David Levithan have done it again! This is a unique book. A wonderful book! Just great.

We have two characters with the same name, each writing every other chapter. (One voice written by Levitan, the other by Green.) Eventually the two characters and the narrative collides, and their lives are forever changed.

The characters are believable and heartfelt. And Tiny Cooper? He's one of my favorite book characters of all time. You have to read to find out who he is and why! Let's just say: larger than life in all respects + musical theater = super fun.
A holiday fave
I have to reread this book each December, to gear up for the holidays. How did holidays even exist before "Santaland Diaries"? That short story just about changed the world. Or at least the mall elf world. It his hilarious beyond funny bones. Be sure to have it on your holiday must-read list.