Reviews by manz
Funny picture book!
This is such a funny picture book! Both kids and grown-ups will enjoy reading it together. You'll discover what happens when you give spicy salsa to dragons who hate anything spicy. Beware of jalapenos!!
great for now!
I totally loved this book. I still liked "The Wednesday Wars" a bit more. But this was a great stand-alone novel, that also acts as a sequel to "Wednesday." This book focuses on one of the side characters in the previous novel. I love Gary Schmidt's writing, and the characters are such fun. It's great to get to read more about a background character from another book.
I did not like this movie at all. It was very hard to finish watching. Sorry Tim Burton. Also worth noting, it's not very kid friendly.
A winner.
Argo is a wonderful film! It's suspenseful, quick paced, interesting, and nice to look at. Well made! It made for a great theater experience.

Also worth noting is John Goodman. He tends to make everything better. Kind of like the Bill Murray effect.
beautiful picture book
This book has the most marvelous illustrations! It's a lovely story about a little girl who doesn't want to go to sleep. I'm sure we all have a little non-sleeper who would enjoy this endearing tale of a little girl who ends up sleeping like a tiger. It would make a great bed time read-aloud.