Reviews by manz
This is an amazing, original film.

It’s a groundbreaking concept and it was truly maginificent to see on the big screen. To watch a precious 5 year old turn into an awkward teen and then into an adult right before our eyes. Normally after a 3 hour film, I’m ready to go. But once we see Mason at age 18 and off on his next adventure… well, I wanted to keep following him.
I'm a huge Pete fan, but this book is not well done. Pete is not a Pilgrim.
intense and good
This film is more than I expected. It's a bit depressing. But as a former teacher I really liked the insight. It was intense to wacth the teachers and studens suffering. There are definitely some truths to the sadness. Adrien Brody is fabulous in it. This film was a big hit at film festivals.
This is a great film for both adults and children! So funny. Everything is awesome. This is one of my fave films of 2014!
Such a great film, for both adults and children. It is hilarious!! I've seen it many times. It's one of my fave films of 2014!