Reviews by manz
This was an interesting look at the life BIG lead before he became Notorious BIG. There was a lot of interviews with those that knew him when he was young and on the streets and then during his rise to fame.

He was talented. Maybe someday there will be justice.
A goooood show. The writing is superb and the actors do a great job with their characters. Each woman is so unique and wonderful. It's a hilarious and sad show.
Such a great show. It's super funny with great writing and some really memorable and quirky characters! It's a great binge show. Do it. And season 2 as well.
funny picture book!
This is a funny book! The cowboy is sweet and silly, and preschoolers will enjoy the anticipation involved.
super cute picture book
A great picture book for preschoolers. Lots of funny repitition. And a horse in a bed! That's just funny altogether.