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Get your craft on!
This is a great book that will help you start or boost your craft business! Whether you've been thinking about getting started, are looking for more direction, or want to see if you have all your bases covered.
Get crafting!
Editor's book description:
"Love knitting, but not so hot on accounting? A whiz on a sewing machine but not skilled with a spreadsheet? Then this book is for you! Whether you're an amateur thinking about selling your work at a local market or the owner of an established company hoping to drive more traffic to your website, this handy guide explains everything you need to know about combining craft and business. Here's advice on your most pressing questions, from identifying potential customers to branding, approaching retailers, and social networking. Sections on legal issues, copyright, and basic accounting will guide you through potential minefields, while inspirational case studies prove that it is possible to make money doing something you love."

This is a great book that covers the basics of starting and running a craft business.
lovely images!
Beautiful photographs in this book. Large format. Color. America. Truth.
beautiful photos!
Such a beautiful book!
This is an amazing, original film.

It’s a groundbreaking concept and it was truly maginificent to see on the big screen. To watch a precious 5 year old turn into an awkward teen and then into an adult right before our eyes. Normally after a 3 hour film, I’m ready to go. But once we see Mason at age 18 and off on his next adventure… well, I wanted to keep following him.