Reviews by manz
so good!
This series is so good. Quite suspenseful. If you don't like feeling anxious for most of an episode or entire series, skip it. If you like good acting and a great storyline, check out Homeland. It's really good! Season 2 has SUCH a great ending. Sigh. I hate waiting for new seasons to come out!
great snowy picture book
I found this picture book delightful. In this ALA Notable Book, the illustrations are beautiful and move the story along. The perspective in them is just wonderful. It's a sleepy tale of a father and child on a wintry cross-country trek through the winter woods, and the animals they encounter who live over and under the snow. A great winter read if you're looking for books about animals that live in the snow.

I love how the index has a list of the animals and where they live during winter.

Super cute!
cute monster kids book
From the author of Go Away Big Green Monster we have a new little critter in this book. Written in the same fashion, it's a cute read-aloud for bedtime.
wonderful novel
This is such a wonderful novel! Even more so knowing that this is the author's first novel. There is much good to come from her. Her writing is so beautiful and rich. Here she weaves the story of what Thea and her family did, with her time at Yonahlossee which is her punishment. The depth of this 15 year old girl living during the depression is immense. You don't have to be into horses to read this novel. It's a sensual, beautiful coming of age novel. Must read. 5 stars.
delightful youth fiction!
This is a delightful book! A great story and such lovable characters. I couldn't get enough. The relationship between Sophie and her guardian Charles is wonderful. Highly recommend.