Reviews by manz
In season 2 you're back in deep with the the characters. I can't even say anything here because I'll give it away! If you liked season 1, watch season 2. Good stuff. I binged all 15 episodes last weekend. Did I just admit that? Egads. But I had to know what happened next~!
great picture book!
This is a great readaloud for young listeners. They'll enjoy mimicing the sounds Harold hears.
a winner!
This picture book has it all! Great for preschoolers and early elementary age.

The book has: beautiful illustrations, a story that rhymes, a story that you can sing, you learn colors, you see animals, there's a lesson learned, and there are BIG vocab words for kids to learn (papaya, contrite, decide).
good book
This book has a similar concept as the book PRESS HERE. Where you interact with the book by pressing it, shaking it, tapping it, etc. Which makes it a fun one to read together.
A cute introduction to plays, characters and scripts. Young kids who are putting on a small play for the first time with hand puppets can see how simple a script and puppets can be.