Reviews by manz
Funny crayons
This is a good book - it's funny with great illustrations and witty little postcards written to a boy from his lost crayons. While this is still a must-read, I liked the first book better - "The Day the Crayons Quit."
A great novel with wonderful characters. It's nice to see teens emerge from their shell.
great book!
I love this book! Steve Jenkins does animal books like no one else. Great illustrations and funny text answer questions about some of the weirdest looking animals.
This is such a cool book! Large scale with amazing illustrations. And fun facts, too! Check it out. For kids and adults.
This is such a great book! "Atlas of Adventures" is a beautiful large-scale book that celebrates the diversity of our planet by exploring different regions of the earth with a variety of people, animals, sights and adventures. It's so cool that you can sleep under the northern lights and witness the monarch migration all in one book. SUCH GREAT ADVENTURES! Be sure to check it out if you're a fan of the following books:

Information Graphics: Animal Kingdom
Information Graphics: Human Body
Information Graphics: Space

Which are beautiful books!