Reviews by pstimac
Inspired me to learn more
This book was the first book I purchased on Chinese medicine many years ago. It has been my reference companion ever since. It is eloquently written in a style that the layperson can understand. While the beginning chapters are fairly easy to read, the chapters at the end of the book are not. I have had to read and reread many of the chapters to get a feel for Chinese medicine which is 360 degrees different than Western medicine. I recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn Chinese medicine.
excellent book for layreader
A great book to learn the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is easy to understand and helped me to realize that the only thing Chinese medicine has in common with Western medicine is that the name of the organs are the same but everything else is different. One cannot explain Chinese medicne using Western medicine language because it is a radically different style of medicine.
Fun reading
I have enjoyed this book because the stories that the author tells about the individual herbs helped me to remember the names of the herbs in a fun way.
Great Book
This is an amazing book, from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, on menopause, as well as, perimenopause and the postmenopausal years. The author, Nan Lu is an authenic healer which comes through in his writing. His book really spoke to my soul. Since I have a background in Chinese medicine from studying Shiatsu (finger pressure massage), I find this book very easy to understand. Even if you "do not" have a background in Chinese medicine, this book explains Chinese medical "principles" in an easy to understand format. I highly recommend this very personable and informative book for all women of all ages. Every mother would benefit from reading this book then showing it to their daughters.
Check out his "Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation" website.