Reviews by pstimac
beautiful photos
The photos alone inspire one to read the book. I was interested in the chapter on Chinese medicine and enjoyed the information I obtained from it.
constant companion in my kitchen
This book has helped me understand nutrition more than any other book on whole foods. The section on food combining has helped me improve my digestion
more than taking herbs or digestive enzymes to digest the food I eat.
Different - the Eastern Way
If you understand Chinese medicine concepts, you will enjoy this book.
Simple, fresh and practical
I love this book because I can do a lot of the small projects by hand. When I get a sewing machine, I will move on to the bigger projects. I have experimented using different weights of "organic" cotton fabrics for the bag patterns which have all turned out to look just as beautiful as her bags look.
One of my favorite authors
This is a good book to begin your studies in learning about Chinese dietary theory. Chinese medicine looks at food from a different perspective than Western medicine.