Reviews by llgosbee
Awesome and Thrilling!
The book started out a bit slow, and it took a while for me to understand what was happening, and where it took place, but I finally understood it all, and it started to ramp things up a bit.

It starts out with a normal 16 year-old girl named Kaelyn, she starts writing in this journal to her old friend named Leo, who moved away to a dance school. She used to live on this island, then moved to Toronto, then back to the island, so that part is hard to grasp at first. Then things start to move quickly in the plot. There's parts in this book where you think: "Is it really worth reading this book?" but you have to keep on reading it! It is overall, really good, the plot is thrilling, and the characters are well developed by the end of this book.

Definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes The 5th Wave, or any other sci-fi books like that.
Pretty Good!
If you like compelling sci-fi stories, then this is great! The plot is pretty easy to follow, there's Cassie, the main character, then there's Ben Parish, her first big crush, and Evan Walker, a "farm boy" who saved her life. This book is great. The narration starts out with Cassie, then goes off into Ben Parish's world, then a short insert of Evan Walker before he met Cassie, and then it alternates between Ben and Cassie, until the end. Hope there's a sequel, that's how good it is!
So sad! ;(
It was sad end, like Tree64 said, it's very depressing at the end. Keep in mind, when you're reading it this IS the last book in this time-period. So, expect the worst!

~Darkfang, going into 7th grade! :)
Wendy Mass had done it again in a sweet-filled story about four random kids coming together to save the candy factory, Logan's only home. In this candy story, Logan, Miles, Philip, and Daisy have their own secrets, and their own lies. One thing after another and there they are trying to work together to save Logan's home, and everyone else! -Katie 6th Grade
Angelina is back! Owning an old store? Tara is going to turn thirteen at her town, but has to spend her summer in Willow Falls! Turns out her cousin is Emily (Who Rory babysits)! Tara meets with Amanda, Leo, Rory, and believe it or not, Bee Boy (who's name is David, he is still called Bee Boy by Amanda, since when she first met him, he was dressed in black and white). They work together to find all the things on Angelina's list. Turns out they have to make a play, exactly on Friday the 13th (Tara's B-day)! Tara and her helpers become great friends! Hope you like this amazing, funny, story!!!!! - Katie 6th Grade