Reviews by wictory
Excellent Production
This is wonderful production of a play that is an American classic. The cast is incredible - Paul Newman especially. FIlmed plays are never quite the same as seeing an actual play live, but the cast makes it worth it. Highly recommended!
Expect the Unexpected
This book does an incredible job of creating a bizarre and intense reality and then completely turning it around at the end. This book is fully engaging, and manages to make the reader question everything they've been so absorbed in throughout the novel. Not only that, Martel manages to do it with a degree of humor that it is surprising and very welcome given the extremity of the situation.

I've recommended it often to others, and have heard that the first part of the book, about Pi's life in India and the development of his interest in each of the major world religions is a little slow. I think it all works together beautifully, but understand that it's a rather slow start for those expecting a story of shipwreck and survival from page one.
Better Read than Read To
This book is better to read than to listen to because with a topic like this, there's no way for the narrator to avoid sounding preachy and sanctimonious. This tone doesn't come across nearly as much in the book itself, but I found it very prevalent in the audiobook.

The narrator is Scott Brick, who is amazing and I have listened to with pleasure dozens of times. I blame the subject matter. It's a good subject and it's a good book, it's just tough to listen to someone else lecture you on eating habits! Read it, don't have it read to you.
Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.
In Defense of Food focuses on journalist Michael Pollan's attempt to make sense of what is means eat well among today's confusing dietary landscape.

He breaks down his research along simple rules, some of which are "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants" while going into detail about how food manufacturing and marketing has made following those basic rules more difficult than ever.

Pollan traces the history of things like white bread, and the proliferation of snack foods and eating according to nutrients instead of eating whole foods, and he always brings it back to where these changes have gotten us: our current overweight and unhealthy statistics.
For Dance Lovers
This movie is jam-packed with gorgeous ballet sequences, energetic dance combinations and just lots of talented, beautiful people moving in ways the rest of us just can't. There is love, drama, learning to love yourself and lots and lots of dance. There are real actors and there are dancers who are acting. You can tell the difference. This doesn't matter. The point is the dancing and the plot is just there to get us from dance scene to dance scene.

The salsa night is awesome.

Jodi's closing dance is awesome.

The clean and tidy way it all works out in the end is awesome.

That is all.