Reviews by Sara W
Beautiful illustrations
The colors and illustrations are gorgeous in this book - it was one my child asked for again and again, even though some of the items represented by letters were things he had never encountered before. I guess there's no prettier way to introduce a calliope, so maybe that's what drew him in! A very attractive book.
good retelling
You never quite know which details are going to be in the Three Little Pigs story, so there's always a bit of a surprise. I like this retelling, even though the pigs don't just run to safety at each other's houses. It's a longer read, but you get to enjoy the third little pig's craftiness and admire his creative problem solving. This is a more involved story than I recall as a child, and I liked the additional details.
not our favorite
I grabbed this one because my kiddo loves the moon and we talk about it a lot, but neither one of us really got into this book. The illustrations felt dated to me, and didn't register with my toddler that much. The stylized flatness left me a little cold, and we just didn't interact about the illustrations as much as we usually do. The concept is a bit weird and I found it all a little hokey.
Just OK
If you've got an animal-crazy kiddo or a farm-fascinated little one, this book will scratch that itch. Otherwise, I didn't find it to stand out in any way in particular, it's simple without really managing to be all that charming or silly.
Examples Galore
Jon Ronson's books are always great - his sense of humor and self-deprecation are irresistible and his honesty and willingness to try something, ask something, go somewhere are enviable. This book is a bit of a take-down of the fascination with public take-downs in today's society. His examples are fantastic, because everyone can remember them to different degrees, whether they were tweeting nasty things to Jonah Lehrer themselves, or just remember seeing it, if they liked an anti-Lindsay photo or just remember seeing it. I remember gleefully following the #hasjustinelandedyet hashtag, so it was positively fascinating to see the other side of that experience.

Almost assuredly, there will be a public shaming while you read this book, and it make the reading of it all the more interesting. During my read, the Rachel Dolezal/NAACP scandal erupted and it was eye-opening to watch yet-another take-down take place while considering the stories in this book. Highly recommended!