Reviews by Sara W
Great Book, Not for the Overly Sensitive
The book and its illustrations are fantastic. Everything about this book is engaging. The distinctive style, and the "have you seen my hat" repetition really draw in a listener. It's also a great one to read aloud with animal voices.

There's a bit of a surprise at the end, while pretty fitting for the animal world, it might surprise some readers. My toddler hasn't minded it at all and is just pretty amused about how Bear recalls seeing his hat.
Eager for An Egg
Pals Duck and Goose think they've come across an egg, and they are stubbornly debating which one of them is in charge of the egg. Gradually, the two stop fighting about whose egg it is, and begin talking about "their" egg. However, when the egg starts to quiver, Duck and Goose are in for a big surprise!

This is a cute storyline and a very relatable story for kids with a tendency to say "Mine!" The illustrations are bright and fun and add great visual interest to the story.
Great Book About Change
Mister Bud has things the way he likes them around his house, until a new dog, Zorro, joins the family. Although Mister Bud resents Zorro butting in to his sweet deal, they eventually find common ground in their shared schedule. They both enjoy waking up their owners, napping, more napping, dinner time, and loudly greeting their owners at the end of the day. This is a not too on-the-nose way to introduce the idea of change to young listeners, and an adorable way to do it.
A Story about Sounds
Night Owl is listening for his mother, but encounters different nature sounds instead. Great opportunities for fun sound effects from the reader and playing along with sound identification from the listener. I loved the bold lines and look of the illustrations.
Pretty Cute
This is a cute story from the point of view of a little robot whose Mom Unit tells him it is time for bed - epic stalling attempts ensue. It's a cute little story, although I think my kid may have picked up a few new stalling tactics from it. The illustrations are adorable and the little robot is extremely relatable to a toddler who isn't wild about bedtime. It ends with happy dreams, so there's a nice ending there to remind kids that sleep is great and we should all go get some. Couldn't agree more.