Reviews by Sonia
One of the Best
By far one of the best horror movies I have seen in a long time. If you enjoy suspenseful horror movies that keep you on your toes with every twist and turn than you should definitely check this one out. I should say that in order to fully understand the premise you should watch Insidious first.
Not Worth Your Time
By far the worst of the paranormal activity series...if you can even call it part of the series since it has nothing to do with the first three. If you enjoy horror movies that are handheld/found footage stick with the first two paranormal movies which are by far the best.
This movie is crazy to be sure but for the most part it is crazy in a good way. I have yet to see the remake but everyone should definitely see the original first since they are usually far better. Wait for the insane twist at the end that will blow your mind!
Way too Weird
Seriously the weirdest movie I have ever seen.
I would stay away...far away...
For those out there that like a good mystery but can also handle really intense scenes than you should definitely check this one out. Jackman does an amazing job as a distraught father who will do anything to find his child. I will warn you there is some disturbing violence that may make it hard to watch. This is definitely a movie you don't want to watch with children around.