Reviews by Michael Flynn
OBD2 sensor reader automotive science gizmo
It is intended as an instantaneous fuel economy calculator that requires two fill ups with quantity of gallons recorded as data inputs, combined with manifold absolute pressure and throttle position sensor data.  

More interesting are the advanced features which allow instantaneous monitoring of obscure onboard sensors. if interested see the user's manual not the Quick Start Guide.

Have fun getting to know your engine's secrets.
Mic Flynn
Nasa did it
Good ominous sci fi. Good monster flick. OK love story. 4/5
Mic Flynn

Typo: These sentences from the synopsis above are in reverse-chronologic order:
"Soon after, new life forms began to appear and half of Mexico was quarantined. A probe was launched to collect samples, but crashed upon re-entry over Central America. "
The final grind of humanity after the final war. Radiation is coming and no one can do anything to fix it. "There is still time brother"!
Seminal work of sci-fi
In this film you can see the source of ideas that continue to echo in the sci-fi genre. Look for source material that led to: the green text computer code of "The Matrix", the android C3PO, the empty white netherworld of "The Matrix", and the first use of the word "wookie". There are many others. The film moves slowly but delivers an enveloping view of a possible future of techno-enhanced fascism. Check out the interview with the sound engineer on the DVD extras.
Science Fiction Double Feature
Logan's Run" (1976) and "In Time" (2012) are terrific together.
Both films explore dystopian systems designed to address the social burden of old age. A totalitarian central computer controls a socialist society through an elite police force in "Logan's Run"; while "In Time" explores a capitalist oligarchy in which anyone can stay young indefinetly, if they are wealthy enough. However, not everyone can be immortal- where would you put them all?

The costumes and sets of Logan's Run are like Buck Rodgers reimagined as soft porn; while "In Time" finds some of its gritty sexiness in hyper-hybrid reimaginings of classic cars from the 1960's.