Reviews by mdbowen
One of my favorites
This cookbook is one of my staple cookbooks. Nearly everything I have made from it is great, and for the most part the recipes are pretty simple and call for easy-to-find ingredients.
Start at the beginning
This is the beginning of the Doctor Who reboot, and a great place to start. While season one may not be the best of the seasons of "new Who" it is still a fun watch. Lots of adventure, some emotional stories, and good chemistry between the main actors.
Excellent read
If you're interested in reading Neil Gaiman but are unsure as to where to begin, this is a good book to start with. It was my first Gaiman book and led me to want to read more. It is a well crafted story, and perfect for anyone who enjoys and is familiar with various mythologies and pantheons of gods. Added to this is an astute view of small-town America. Gaiman is a an Englishman and perhaps it is because he was an outsider to this country that allowed him to make keen observations about the United States. A great modern fantasy.