Reviews by rzrichmond
Chance to practice your animal sounds...
My kids and I loved this book. When the main character complains about how noisy his (really quiet house) is, the village wise man teaches him to appreciate what he has by having him bring more and more noise (in the form of various farm animals) into his tiny house. Good opportunity to teach kids about appreciating what they have -- and practicing your farm animal impressions. ;-) I heard this folk tale when I was a child (with the house being too small, and the wise man being the village rabbi) -- and it still holds up for me today. Charming book.
Fun with counting and colors
Our preschooler really enjoyed this book which shows the main character, Dog, collecting spots of different-colored stuff (red jam, green grass stains, etc.) on his white fur during the course of the day. She yells out "another spot!" with each page, and likes counting the spots as they add up. Cute idea, and good way to practice colors and counting (and memory, if you can remember how each blob got there).