Reviews by mr_hunchback
Wild blaxploitation with some nice twists
Typical Larry Cohen nonsense shot on the fly for AIP. Still, for your entertainment dollar, head and shoulders above it's major studio competition that year.
Trust fund babies don't need to stop and think.
Misleading title. If you are a 1%er with nothing to do all day except shop for quirky Americana then this tome is for you. If you are looking for a practical guide to storing your underwear, shoes and camping gear look somewhere else. This heavy coffee table buster's only advice is: buy an old farmhouse and restore it with ten foot high shelves. My advice? Mail all of your unwanted trash to Rizzoli Books c/o Mary Randolph Carter.
Read my lips: "my mouth is closed"
HBO puff peice on one of the grand nemeses of democracy. We learn that he loves fishing, boating, golf, his dogs and - like any made mafioso - his family. He pulled one or two immature pranks in college, but other than that he's clean as a whistle. No mention of drug running for the CIA, the Iran-Contra cover up or any October surprise. With this video he's basically telling the world "I'm a company man and I'll take the company secrets to my grave". For more illuminating coverage of 41's reptilian career I recommend reading Webster Tarpley's "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" - but don't look for it in this small town library.