Reviews by mr_hunchback
Trust fund babies don't need to stop and think.
Misleading title. If you are a 1%er with nothing to do all day except shop for quirky Americana then this tome is for you. If you are looking for a practical guide to storing your underwear, shoes and camping gear look somewhere else. This heavy coffee table buster's only advice is: buy an old farmhouse and restore it with ten foot high shelves. My advice? Mail all of your unwanted trash to Rizzoli Books c/o Mary Randolph Carter.
Read my lips: "my mouth is closed"
HBO puff peice on one of the grand nemeses of democracy. We learn that he loves fishing, boating, golf, his dogs and - like any made mafioso - his family. He pulled one or two immature pranks in college, but other than that he's clean as a whistle. No mention of drug running for the CIA, the Iran-Contra cover up or any October surprise. With this video he's basically telling the world "I'm a company man and I'll take the company secrets to my grave". For more illuminating coverage of 41's reptilian career I recommend reading Webster Tarpley's "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" - but don't look for it in this small town library.