Reviews by Brad B.
2 in 1
I will admit that the idea of seeing favorite characters from different series crossing over and tying into other series is enough to make me giddy with excitement. Clamp's Xxxholic and Tsubasa do this well, and these two movies, while mostly separate, do tie in together at the end. This is purely a reward for the Clamp fanatic. The artwork is well done; however, plot-wise these two movies are a little thin, and a little confusing. Not really the best stories by any means, they were both a little disapointing... If you're a fan then you might get some enjoyment out of seeing this purely for seeing the characters you love, but if you are expecting something great you may be let down a little.
Space Opera Meets Count of Monte Cristo
This is a fantastic anime! If you enjoy the tight, machiavellian plotting of series like Death Note and want to get a classic slipped in there at the same time then check this out. It should be noted that this series is probably most famous for it's visuals; gorgeous textures and colors cross hatch each character and come out in beautiful, almost psychedelic patterns. It is very avant guard, and is quite beautiful, but people should be warned that for some it can almost be a little too much at times and so be a little distracting. However, it's not just the visuals that make this show. The plotting is just so well done. It stays true to the feel of the Counte of Monte Cristo with a few changes. Most notably the futuristic space backdrop. Very intersting. Very well done.