Reviews by kkachado
I can't believe I am the first to write about this wonderful movie.

First I have to say that this is Claire Danes at her acting finest. You forget it is her within the first 5 seconds of the movie. She is spectacular.

Kudos to Temple for sharing her insight, wisdom and visions. Truly a remarkable woman.

This is a must see - a good family movie too, but with older children not young ones. The scenes at the slaughter house are not gruesome but might need some explaining. Younger children might not understand a lot of the movie and may not understand the outbursts by the Temple character.
Love the actors, the story and the setting. I lived in Beaufort when they filmed this movie, knew then it would be a good movie. If you are a boomer - see this movie!
very European
This is a "snippet of life" kind of movie - just a few days in the life of a man! Very European styled film. Bill Murray was perfectly cast in this film.
sad, funny and wonderful
This movie was great, loved both of the lead actors in this film!
So I don't remember what this video is rated but it should be x-rated for some of the content. While I commend the video shots and the camera shots etc. This movie was disturbing on a very deep level. Don't watch this before you try to go to sleep. Don't let the kids watch it either, even if you want to scare them away from drugs...this is not the movie to let them watch.