Reviews by Susan C
Long book with no point. I expected something wonderful. It took 700 pages to get to something to happen. Then, it had very quick conclusion. I had a hard time finishing it because it was so dull. Disappointing!
Page Turner
I love Ken Follett's writing. Even though there are many characters, the book is wrtten in a way the characters are easy to recognize. Additionally, there were many historical references that kept me interested and feeling like I was learning.
Ending disappointing
The ending of this book was disappointing. There were many loose ends not explained.
This was another book where a smart woman makes some poor choices.
Based on true story
This was based on a true story. Still, I was hoping for a better ending.
Another novel with women doing dumb, thoughtless, careless things.
After the second careless episode in the book, I was ready to stop reading.
The lack of the character's ability to talk to one another is also frustrating.
It is an ok read - more frustrating than fun.
I wouldn't pick it up if there were other things to read.