Reviews by lauradu_palmer
I thought the Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 part got a little confusing. The most boring part of Breaking Dawn is when it turns to Jacob's point of view. It should've stayed with Bella's point of view because it was the most interesting part of the book and with out reading Bella's side, we (the readers) could n't really understand how Bella was feeling. It could also be complicated for younger readers to realize the book was switching point of views from Bella to Jacob back to Bella again.
I thought it would be better. And it could have been too. I think the book was good not fantastic. Breaking Dawn doesn't catch your eye as much as Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse, but it was great to read. I did enjoy the detail. With all the details, I could imagine what was happening in my head.
I personally thought the Twilight Saga was not as good as the Harry Potter series, but was still good to read.