Reviews by tree64
Notable Side Story
This book is about Sasha after she leaves the Clans. She has to scrape a future together for herself. Although I thought the drawings were not that great and Erin Hunter's written books were better, this tells you a side story that is not actually mentioned in the main series of Warriors. If you liked the "Warriors" books by Erin Hunter, you will probably like this graphic novel
Good Ending
This is the last book in the Warriors sub-series "Omen of the Stars." It has a sad ending, which I probably shouldn't spoil, but it leaves a decent cliffhanger, meaning it will probably lead to a fifth sub-series by Erin Hunter. I enjoyed reading it, and if you enjoy books by Erin Hunter, you should definitely read this book.
Waste Of Time
Some parts of this movie are funny, but it is a complete waste of time. Don't watch it, as it's plot is horrible, and things move along to quickly. The movie is badly acted out, and though some parts are kind of funny, it is not worth it. I do not recommend watching this movie.
This is a childhood classic for me. It is very sad, but it is still a great Disney movie.
Best In The Series
In my opinion, this was the best book in the series. Some people may like it when Alex manages to save everyone, and there's a happy ending, but I enjoyed this book more, mostly because the villains were smarter and harder for Alex to outsmart. Also, there were casualties for Alex's side this time, such as the death of Alex's guardian, Jack Starbright.
The thing I didn't like about this book was the ending. I think it was too abrupt. It should have elaborated more on what Alex did after going to live with the Pleasures. I hope Anthony Horowitz will write another novel not necessarily about Alex Rider, but one that is continuing the plot of this story.
Overall, this still was a great book, and I would recommend that you read it, especially if you've read the other books in the series, or if you like action and adventure.