Reviews by tree64
Great Series!
This book is the fifth book in the "Lorien Legacies" series. It is about the plight of seven alien teenagers (who happen to look exactly like humans), known as the Loric, to once and for all destroy the aliens that have chased them across the universe, who are called Mogadorians. The Mogadorians destroyed their home planet and are out to hunt the remaining Loric, having chased them to the planet Earth, which they are also planning to invade and take over as part of their "Great Expansion". It is up to the Loric teenagers to protect Earth and stop the Mogadorians.

Overall, this book was very captivating, and I finished it in no time at all. It was full of action and suspense, and you never know what twists the author is going to throw into the book. I really enjoyed it, and I would highly recommend readers who have not yet read this series to give these books a chance. The plot may sound cheesy, but it is laid out amazingly by the author and it really is a great read.
Gravity - An Must-See
This movie stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in a heart-pounding thriller that takes place outside Earth's atmosphere and in the mysterious realm of space. Sandra Bullock acts as Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant medical engineer who is on her first space mission, with a veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski who is played by George Clooney. However, disaster strikes on a seemingly routine spacewalk. Debris from another destroyed space satellite causes the astronauts' shuttle to be destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone - the rest of the crew has been killed. The movie tells of the two astronauts' journey to get back to Earth - the silence means that Mission Control is no longer in contact with them, and that they have lost all connection to Earth. Every breath of air takes away from the little supply of oxygen that they have left. However, the only way that they can get home is to venture even further into space.
I found this movie to be very exciting yet suspenseful. However, at first, it might seem a bit odd, because there are only a total of 5(?) actors in the movie, and only two main characters. This movie, thought meant to be entertainment, also teaches you quite a bit of basic information on how space stations work and what astronauts may have to do while in space. This movie opened my eye to how dangerous being in outer space truly can be, and I never truly appreciated the risks that astronauts take on each mission, no matter how simple or routine. This movie is something that you simply must see, and the way in which is it presented is very well-executed and eye-catching.
This movie, although not containing much action, it is very inspirational. Fans of action and violence may not find this movie to be very interesting, but those who admire Lincoln or history in general will love this film. Even though I must admit that I thought there would be much more action, the movie was a great portrayal of what Lincoln went through as president. Despite a couple of inaccuracies (Connecticut voted IN FAVOR of the 13th Amendment), the movie was very well directed and filmed. I would definitely recommend this movie!
Although this series has an odd plot, it is still filled with adventure and action. Throughout the book, you get more and more confused, and at the end of the book, you still do not get all of the answers. The remaining questions are answered in the last book of the trilogy, "The Death Cure." Although this was a good book, it gets pretty confusing in the middle, and you really have to think. However, if you have read "The Maze Runner," you should continue on with this series and finish, although the ending of the trilogy is still kind of odd.
Great CD
This CD was very good, and I really enjoyed listening to it. After hearing this musical group in the WOW Hits CDs, I decided to look up this group, and I was not disappointed. If you are a fan of Christian pop or have heard of this band before, checking out this CD is a must. I highly recommend it, and you can easily listen to your car or on your CD player. These songs are really great, and I loved them.