Reviews by clmcdl
Bring it on!
I love this series! Buchman writes a totally different type of romance novel, which is very plot and character driven. While there's romance, it's a natural development of the relationships between characters. I'm tired of other authors who write sex scenes with little plot to hold them together.

It's best to read the series in order, but not necessary. The stories build upon each other, and it's fun to see previous characters included in the current book. Author has a new series out, which is equally enjoyable. Highly recommended!
Great book!
I've listened to this at least twice and recommended it to several friends. When one friend followed the dietary recommendations, symptoms she had been having for years cleared up. Definitely a worthwhile read.
Started slowly, but worthwhile read.
It took at least one disk for me to become engaged in this book, but then I really enjoyed the character development, the challenges they faced, and the interactions. Book has her usual mix of supernatural characters and abilities. While I wasn't hooked as quickly as in the Sookie Stackhouse books, I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.
Excellent book!
Our four and a half-year-old granddaughter had me read this book to her three times in a row, as she really enjoyed the story. Excellent illustrations and message about acceptance. Book also stimulated some thoughtful discussion about not teasing those who are different from us.
Great book for kids
Read this to our grand daughter, who is 4 1/2. She really enjoyed the illustrations and story. Highly recommended.