Reviews by clmcdl
Gossipy book - disappointing
This could have been such an interesting book, pointing out the challenges of guarding the first families and providing balanced insight into their lives. Instead, the author writes in a style I would expect of "The National Enquirer" or some other scandal rag. We listened to the first disc (or most of it), looked at each other, and didn't want to stomach more of his insights.

His descriptions of Presidents Johnson and Clinton, VP Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and others were all VERY uncomplementary. Just negative insights and airing of "dirty laundry " such that I thought "Do I really want to know this??" (Yuck!). For example, do you really care to know that Johnson walked around in the nude and had lots of affairs? Ugh. Maybe it improves, but we'd heard enough and didn't finish it.
Bachman delivers again
Once again, the author provides an entertaining story, likable characters, and a book that's hard to put down. It helps to read this series in order, as the stories build on previous books. However, it's not necessary to have read the previous books to enjoy this one.

It's not your typical romance, because there are plenty of action sequences in addition to the relationship. My husband has really enjoyed the series, too. Highly recommended.
Suffering continues almost to the end
I read all three books and it was a very uncomfortable read. These are definitely not feel good books, and in some ways it felt like a voyeuristic view into someone else's pain. At times, I questioned why I had continued reading the books as there were so many poor decisions and painful points in the main character's life.

While I read many books and recommend lots of them to friends and family, I doubt I will be recommending this series to anyone I know. Life and society contain enough tragedy thoroughly documented by the media without subjecting myself to the kind of misery and painful growth experiences lived by Emma, the main character in the trilogy.
Not worth reading
We began listening to it, found the characters unlikable and the story uninteresting. I've read previous books by this author and enjoyed them but we didn't even bother to finish the first disc on the story. To us, it appeared a poor quality knock off on the "50 Shades of Gray" type of story.
Highly Recommended
It's a wild ride from beginning to end, with lots of twists in the plot. It's the first book by this author and I will definitely watch for more.