Reviews by cherylo
A Bizarre Trip
A very intriguing and bleak time travel story. Do not expect a feel-good story of making things better. As the puzzle pieces fall into place, it all makes a disturbing sort of sense. For the time travel story geek, this is a must-see exploration. For a grim but amazing time travel double feature, pair this with Primer.
Thought provoking
The author makes a compelling case for the deleterious effects of modern high-yield wheat on human health. Wheat is everywhere in the modern diet. With many anecdotes and some actual medical study evidence, I find myself mostly convinced that eliminating wheat is a difficult but important step toward better health and a better figure. Now, if only I can convince my family that eliminating wheat is not the apocalypse, I'll be all set.

I will say that the book could have made its case more concisely and been just as compelling. Long and repeated lists of all the wheat-containing foods in the standard diet only makes the change seem more difficult.
Interesting parable, ultimately flawed, worth a view
This film is in love with playing with the language surrounding time, both metaphorical and literal: "clean their clocks," "out of time," "borrowed time," etc. For the most part the uses are clever, but sometimes too clever by half, highlighting flaws in the imagined system in which time (life) is literally money. The Robin Hood ethos is the only glue that holds anything together, and it sticks more like post-it adhesive than anything more permanent. As an action movie, it works well enough to offer a fun ride if you don't pick it apart, but I can see why its run in theaters was so short.

Also, I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of a double feature of In Time with Logan's Run, presented on another review here.
A silly spectacle, as always
Asterix et Obelix comics are classics of French popular culture. They have been translated into many languages over their long career, but here is a tribute to their longevity in the original French. If you are a fan, this is a wonderful nostalgia tour with all the antics you have come to expect. For those not familiar with the comics, I suggest you start with an earlier title in the long running series.
Un livre pour les enfants les plus petits
L'ami pingoin va faire un tour avant de entrer dans le baignoire. C'est vraiment mignon.