Reviews by Duckling
Funny story about that...
My parents had a friend over way back when and they were watching this movie and sitting on our futon and they all were pushing back putting a large amount of pressure to the weak spots on the futon and then something POPPED! up; And scared all of them into a big jump. Our lovely futon broke at that point and that freaked them out even more. They all laugh now but I bet someone peed their pants back then.
Van Gogh
I love his work! Its always so imaginative and creative!
Really good book! haha
So I love these books and my English teacher this last year almost stole one of them! I was mad! Haha got it back. :)
This book.
This book is rather good. I liked how it changed the narrator around and how they meshed together into one story. Very creative.
Happy Potter
AWESOME! My friend is in love with Harry Potter.