Reviews by kathscot
Earwig is a clever main character who just wants her own way. Diana Wynne Jones has a great gift for telling stories of realistic characters in fantastic situations.
Better than hoped
A better story than one just to fill in the time between sex scenes. Refreshing to have a heroine of color. 2nd in a series by the author.
Venetia is abducted by a love-sick puppy who hopes she'll elope with him, but her childhood friend, coming to her rescue, starts to see her charms himself. Breezy and fun, with a sense of humor.
A dog mystery!
Randolph is a highly intelligent dog trying to help his mistress' boyfriend solve her disappearance and the murder of a mutual acquaintance. Codes, red herrings and twists and turns, but mostly a nice tongue-in-cheek look at life from a dog's point of view.
I, too, thought it slow, but didn't mind the war sequences. I have a feeling the book is better, just because so much of the story is internal to Stephen.
Still beautifully filmed and worth watching.