Reviews by kathscot
Practica el espanol
Una manera divertida de practicar el espanol.

A fun way to practice reading Spanish for English speakers or for Spanish speaking children to learn myths and legends from around the world that are used in literature. Not alphabetical, but ABC's as in basics.
For looking at
Beautiful illustrations (I especially like the angel kitties and doggies) and sensitively multicultural depictions make this lovely to look at. Yolen's descriptions are minimal. I found the piano arrangements odd (2 octave gulf between left and right hands, random use of heavy octaves, 7th's in the bass, too much parallel movement) and inconsistent (sequences were not harmonized consistently, textures changed from octaves to 6 part in the same song) and they would be difficult for beginners. You can play them, but there are much better arrangements around.
Kids' Life
Songs about things kids do or enjoy, often promoting positive behaviors. Musically ok, but I kept wondering why you wouldn't just play YOUR favorite songs so those were the ones your little one sang over and over...
Reflects what was known about Mars in 1964. Explores how a human would be able to survive. And has a cute monkey!
Worth a view.
Fun to Hunt
It's great to hunt for the one that the boy describes.