Reviews by kathscot
Fun Read
The second book in the series, which spotlights supporting characters to the Lori Shepherd centered books.
I enjoyed reading it.
Great Ending
A very satisfying end to a very enjoyable show.
more good episodes
Dog: Monk takes in a dog who helps him solve a case
Goes Camping: Monk braves the great outdoors to curry favor with the review board
Best Man: Cpt. Stotylmeyer is remarrying but everything seems to be going wrong
Badge: Monk gets his badge back, but is it what he really wants?
Dark themes, quite violent. Nice job with the Southern feel. Interesting to see the books visualized.
more good episodes
& the critic: Julie helps nail a clever killer
& the voodoo curse: voodoo dolls are predicting weird deaths and Natalie receives one
Group Therapy: Monk's HMO forces him to change to group therapy and the group includes Harold
HB: Natalie is determined to surprise Monk, but how can she fool the observant detective?
Sharona: Sharona returns due to her uncle's death; can she and Natalie work together?