Reviews by sara
Love this book!
This book is very well written and organized. It tells you everything you need to know about starting a little free library including building instructions and what to do if your library is vandalized or all your books are taken at once. Also, there are lots of photos of libraries and storied of the people who built them.
fabric mache bowls
A wide variety of projects. My two favorites are the fabric mache bowls and the organza flowers.
Not just for kids
There are a couple of ideas I plan to use this winter: a hollow ice-lantern with tea candles inside, and letter squares. The letter squares are made from twigs frozen in a square of ice. You can spell anything you like. Nice rustic look. There is also instructions for colored ice ornaments that can hang from trees outside.
My Neighbor
Mr. Christman was my neighbor when I was a child. I remember his roses, and his wife who always made popcorn balls for Halloween. I wish I had been slightly older so I could have asked him about our neighborhood and Ann Arbor. It was fun to read his book. I'm glad the library has a copy.
I wish I could keep it longer than a week- I haven't made my fortune yet! It would be fun to take to a beach, but as there are requests and holds, it's hard to know when you'll actually get to use the detector. Very easy to use. I tried it around my yard.

PS Read the online instructions!