Reviews by pjkneessi
Worth watching, more than once
This is an anti-"romantic comedy". It's not anti-romance, but it doesn't rely on the cuteness of the rom-com genre.
These are imperfect people, so caught up in their lives that they rarely deal with problems skillfully. Sometimes the daily outcomes are hilarious, sometimes painful. Through it all, they struggle to remember that they really are crazy about each other.
Judd Apatow probably couldn't have gotten this film made 8 years ago. His more recent successes earned him the leeway to leave the characters a little more raw, not just cute and polished. I didn't like Pete and Debbie every moment, but I never hated them... they were real and forgivable.
I'll watch this one again in a few months. I'd recommend this film to anyone, with the advisory that the language does get pretty raw in spots.
Do you have the energy?
Do you have the energy to bring to this film, because the film itself has none? Probably too long by half... it's telling that the special features on the disc include no "deleted scenes" offering... every scene shot, in all its tedious detail, is included in the feature. I'm not sure it's really a film about depression... it's clearly about sleep-walking, which all of the cast does throughout.

I'd advise not starting this film after 7:00 p.m., and make sure you have a pot of strong coffee, or a couple of Red Bulls, to fortify yourself as you watch.
Another AADL treasure
Certainly entertaining, definitely uplifting... once again, taking a chance on an unknown film from the AADL catalog delivers a big winner.
See this one!
And don't miss the short film Full Disclosure in the Bonus Section of the DVD.