Reviews by bfields
reminds me of a large harmonica
It reminds me of a harmonica in that it plays different notes depending on whether you blow or suck. Approximately: one direction gets you a major chord, the other the corresponding dominant. So playing something like a major scale would require confusing navigation around the two sets of notes. I had to make myself a chart. I found it a bit frustrating but obviously it would need more practice and I probably don't understand how it's typically meant to be played.
fun, loud, sounds great
Not hard to play, sounds great. Be warned that this can be really, really loud in the hands of a sufficiently motivated toddler.
does one thing and does it well!
I'm kind of sad to see this gone. It's obviously extremely specialized--all it does is minor variations on a single drone. And I don't play the kind of music it's intended before. But it was still satisfying to turn it on and sing along with it.
neat, may want your own amp
Pretty similar to the companion "pocket piano": very portable; lots of variety possible from twiddling the knobs, which you can probably figure out just by blind experimentation, or you can consult the key.

It doesn't include a speaker. The included amp is certainly enough to hear what you're doing, but won't really give you any significant bass--using something else will make it sound much better.
Interesting but mystifying
I gave up trying to follow the story at some point and just looked at the art.

Maybe I should give it another shot. Druillet seems to be an important creator, I'm glad we have some of his work.