Reviews by bfields
more than it seems!
At first glance it might look like a series of blonde jokes with the characters all familiar stereotypes, but I found it quickly became more interesting.

It keeps up the jokes and the one-episode-to-a-page format, but also develops a continuing over-the-top high-school soap-opera plot. The characters remain cartoony and exagerated but also become more complicated and sympathetic each in their own way.

Highly recommended.

There are six volumes now of which the library has three. I ran out and ordered all six for myself from The first 4 volumes form a nice self-contained story arc, so the library should consider picking up #4 at least.
One of my favorites of the classic Asterix stories, in the original language! Great fun for any student of French to read and try to puzzle out the puns.
reminds me of a large harmonica
It reminds me of a harmonica in that it plays different notes depending on whether you blow or suck. Approximately: one direction gets you a major chord, the other the corresponding dominant. So playing something like a major scale would require confusing navigation around the two sets of notes. I had to make myself a chart. I found it a bit frustrating but obviously it would need more practice and I probably don't understand how it's typically meant to be played.
fun, loud, sounds great
Not hard to play, sounds great. Be warned that this can be really, really loud in the hands of a sufficiently motivated toddler.
does one thing and does it well!
I'm kind of sad to see this gone. It's obviously extremely specialized--all it does is minor variations on a single drone. And I don't play the kind of music it's intended before. But it was still satisfying to turn it on and sing along with it.