Reviews by bfields
The same little ribbon keyboard as the monotrons, but with more bells and whistles. (And higher quality output--I didn't notice the annoying hiss that the monotrons all have.) Includes a simple drum machine and 8-step (16-step for the drums) sequencer.

Fun, and not hard to get started with (though a look at the manual will probably help!).

(Also, note: if you also check out the Bliptronic 5000, and have a couple cables with male miniplug cables on both ends, you can try to sync the two. I could only get it to work well with the monotron set at an extremely low tempo and the Bliptronic at one of its highest. But the results could be kinda fun.)
Line them all up and play them like a xylophone, or hand them out to your friends and family and everyone can play together (thanks to the included 8 mallets). The household toddler enjoyed them immensely. (With supervision!--I doubt they're baby-proof.)
Surprisingly convincing sound, without all the hassle of dealing with actual bagpipes.

Turn the volume all the way up and march around your house playing "Scotland the Brave". It'll make your day.
Household favorite
Feels more expressive and fun to play than you'd expect from a little electronic drum.

Doesn't annoy the family as much as synthesizers that make noisy hard-to-tune sounds.

Takes about 10 seconds to boot, unfortunately. Once it's running, choosing a sound and playing is easy. Recording loops seems easy enough too. Fooling with the effects looks hard without the manual in hand (though there may be no real reason to do that.)

The clip makes it easy for two people to play at once.
These didn't really do it for me. The stylophone seems terrifically limited, the beatbox maybe a little less so but I had some trouble figuring it out. (And it seemed to keep running down the battery even when it was off, for some reason.)

Maybe playing with a stylus just isn't very satisfying.

But someone else might have better luck with them.