Reviews by bfields
This is the main source material for "Blue is the Warmest Color". Beautifully written and drawn, and rewards re-reading.
"50% actor, 50% killer, 100% public enemy!". I guess that sums it up. If that appeals to you, you might like this? Unfortunately this volume felt mainly like setup; at the end the story's barely gotten started, and I don't know how many volumes it may go on for.
So many knobs!
Lots of knobs to twiddle, but it's all pretty well labeled and easy to figure out. The one thing I needed a manual for was the expression pedal--it wasn't obvious to me that you need to push on it with your toe for a moment to activate the interesting expression-pedal functions.

I'm not an expert, but the results sounded pretty good to me.
Simple and Addictive
Instant multitrack recording--great practice, lots of fun. I bought a similar pedal for myself as soon as I returned this one.
One more cable would make it more useful
From the overview: "a second footswitch engages a power booster for soloing. This works double duty to turn on an effects loop."

Note to make this work you need a special cable (see p. 7 of the manual). I *think* something like this: is what's needed?

That would allow hooking up any of the library's other pedals and enabling/disabling them as a group. This doesn't look like the kind of thing people will have laying around, so it would be nice to include one.