Reviews by bfields
cute-animal noir
Our hard-boiled detective is an anthromorphic cat. The heroes are all animals of one sort or another drawn in a sort of realistic style that still has some cartoony exaggeration.

This story is a complete self-contained story, as are each of the following volumes.
Noir classic
Both this comic and the novel on which its based are noir classics, with all the usual elements, including a protagonist who is a hitman on the run whose only redeeming features are loyalty to a childhood crush and a nearly superhuman ability to survive a series of tense standoffs.

It feels like there's not a wasted word or panel.
Silly fun
Set in a fantasy version of New York ruled by tea-addicted squirrels. It has a lot of fun coming up with magical analogues of all the various city's elements. Be warned that this is the first in a series with 3 volumes so far. Still there's a fair amount of story here (it's not just setup), even if it doesn't reach any real closure in this volume. I hope the library continues to acquire the series.
Formally interesting, imaginative
The story, like the title, is constructed as a near-perfect palindrome. Maybe as a result of that it felt a little stiff? But it all fits together suprisingly well. And as with the other "Terres Creuses" albums it's full of wildly imaginative ideas, beautifully drawn.
Strange dreams
I came to this as a great fan of Dupuy and Berberian's "Monsieur Jean". This reminds me strongly of the dream sequences in "Monsieur Jean".