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One more cable would make it more useful
From the overview: "a second footswitch engages a power booster for soloing. This works double duty to turn on an effects loop."

Note to make this work you need a special cable (see p. 7 of the manual). I *think* something like this: is what's needed?

That would allow hooking up any of the library's other pedals and enabling/disabling them as a group. This doesn't look like the kind of thing people will have laying around, so it would be nice to include one.
pew pew
Manufacturer's product site:
Direct link to manual pdf:

Your choice of low-, high-, or band-pass filter with cutoff frequency controlled either manually by an expression pedal (not included; I have a Yamaha FC7 which worked fine) or by a sweep triggered automatically by its guess at when notes start. In the latter case you can choose the range and tweak the sensitivity of the triggering.

Executive summary: lots of cool "pew pew" sounds. I like it!

The manual warns that with some settings it can be "INCREDIBLY loud." They aren't kidding. Definitely keep your amp volume very low while you're plugging things in and experimenting with the settings.
Addictive, lots to explore.
Easy to get started with, lots to learn if you want. Much bigger and heavier than the Kaossilator 2, but the bigger pad also makes it easier to play precisely. Lots of pre-made sounds and rhythms to mix together. It all seems aimed at electronic dance music of some kind, but you could probably use it for other stuff with some effort. Kind of addictive. I didn't get to explore very much of it.
more than it seems!
At first glance it might look like a series of blonde jokes with the characters all familiar stereotypes, but I found it quickly became more interesting.

It keeps up the jokes and the one-episode-to-a-page format, but also develops a continuing over-the-top high-school soap-opera plot. The characters remain cartoony and exagerated but also become more complicated and sympathetic each in their own way.

Highly recommended.

There are six volumes now of which the library has three. I ran out and ordered all six for myself from The first 4 volumes form a nice self-contained story arc, so the library should consider picking up #4 at least.
One of my favorites of the classic Asterix stories, in the original language! Great fun for any student of French to read and try to puzzle out the puns.