Reviews by bfields
Two intriguing stories
A couple notes that might help future readers:

1. This volume collects two stories, "Le Cahier Bleu", and "Après La Pluie". Two major characters from the first story feature at the beginning of the second. Their relationship appeared doomed at the end of the first story, but they are a couple again (with no explanation) at the start of the second. They turn out to be minor characters in the second story. This confused me at first, as it lead me to expect a sequel. In fact, the two plots are independent.

2. It might add some depth to read up on "Tristan et Yseult" first. (I still need to do that, in fact.)
strange but interesting to look at
The story is strange and dreamlike, and to me seems to just barely hang together.

But it's stuffed with strange and memorable ideas and images--ancient Egyptian gods playing monopoly in a space-ship/pyramid hanging over a dystopian future Paris, chess-boxing, and on and on.
great amp for playing bass in the park
I haven't actually checked one out from the library, because by coincidence I bought one recently. I was looking for something I could use for a small jam session in the park or somebody's backyard (without access to power), and this is great for that. It doesn't sound fantastic to me (maybe the low end is a little weak?), but it does the job, and it can run for hours on 6 AA batteries.

The built-in tuner is basic but handy. The aux in and headphone out are convenient for practicing, too.
cute-animal noir
Our hard-boiled detective is an anthromorphic cat. The heroes are all animals of one sort or another drawn in a sort of realistic style that still has some cartoony exaggeration.

This story is a complete self-contained story, as are each of the following volumes.
Noir classic
Both this comic and the novel on which its based are noir classics, with all the usual elements, including a protagonist who is a hitman on the run whose only redeeming features are loyalty to a childhood crush and a nearly superhuman ability to survive a series of tense standoffs.

It feels like there's not a wasted word or panel.