Reviews by bfields
Fun, just one thing missing?
The Video Scope and Rhythm Scope both take an audio in and a video out, creating images synchronized to audio.

Three of the included items have speakers (the amp, the Pocket Piano, and the Kaleidoloop), and each of the three also has an audio out, *but* in each case plugging anything into the audio out automatically disables the speaker.

That means there's no way using only the included equipment to use the Video Scope and Rhythm Scope while simultaneously hearing the associated sounds. Which takes the fun out of it.

I had an amp sitting around that would do the job. Maybe a headphone splitter would work too.

Anyway, that aside, these devices are lots of fun to play with either individually or together.
Good kid drum?
Good for the musically-inclined toddler: fun, looks very robust, makes a pretty mellow sound even when hit very hard. (Not to encourage that--though the instructions warn that playing hard will upset the tuning.)
liked it
Beautiful book! I hope the library will be able to get the second volume as well.
Odd limitations, can be addictive
It's narrowly focused on making short 4/4 drum loops--making loops of more than a few bars is hard, complicated melodies are tricky given the resolution of the screen (it's small and by default it jams a couple octaves across it). And the individual sounds try to do a lot for you--they have their own hard-wired effects, in some cases they play complete drum patterns for you, etc.

But you can get started experimenting with piling different sounds on top of each other very quickly, and before you know you'll realize you've been at it for an hour.

In the end I haven't come up with anything I thought was that interesting, but clearly it's possible.
Interesting--but not very?
I was curious to play a Theremin, so I'm glad the library has these!

It's a lovely-looking instrument, and the sound is pleasant and clean, but a little boring.

It's fun, at least for a while, to control the sound by waving your hands around in the air.

But after the novelty wore off I lost interest.

You can make warbly swoopy sound effects, but I wasn't able to find much variety there.

You could try to learn to control the pitch and articulation accurately enough to play melodies, and I could see that being a fun challenge, but it would also take a while to really master, and it didn't seem worth it to me for a monophonic instrument without a lot of character to the sound.

But others may find it more inspiring!