Reviews by jmock
Didn't really get it, but that's really what must be expected from the second book to a trilogy. Extremely boring, but I hope the third one will make it worth it
I'm reading this as a teen, meaning I'm really at the very edge of the demographic, so what I write probably means nothing

I think the author spent waaay to much time on the romance--it goes very slowly in the middle. That being said, I think the character development is great considering how many main characters there are. I fact, I've read books in which all the characters are exactly the same in every way. I think this was the reason why some time was spent on the romance and just simply sitting and talking around. So much is happening at once, but you can still follow it. It was an interesting book, but not one I could read all over again
I watched this in my Latin class and it was so funny!
Great book!
This book was really great. I found the wording and how each character had a different voice. It was refreshing.
So cute
Right balance of comedy and romance kept this movie good. I looooved this movie.