Reviews by robbo
Pretentious Failure
This movie has so much wrong with it. Much of the music is not blues. It has two many scenes with Joe Seneca posturing and talking about what the blues really is, and he really just lists stereotypes. In fact, blues stereotypes is what this movie is really all about. I found none of the three lead characters believable. The ending is predictable garishly filmed. There are too many names dropped. Having a character mention Son House or Sonny Boy Williamson does not make a character more believable.
As far as blues movies, even the Blues Brothers is better than this.
No depth, unlikeable characters, even the kids are without charm, and the poor alien who's just trying get home is just a giant insect kind of thing who we never care for, maybe because he's eating people and he's a giant insect kind of thing...
Good book, great movie, Gregory Peck's best.
Good book, much better movie. One of the best films ever made, in my opinion.
Mr. Magoo Plays It Straight
This gets my vote as the best and most touching and heart-rending, at times, version of Dickens' classic tale. Mr magoo plays it straight, it's not a Mr. Magoo cartoon like the short cartoons he made. The ending is glorious, as it should be. See it.
I did not find any satisfactory answer to the question the book raises, namely the existence of a Divine god of Mercy and Love and also the existence of unspeakable evil and human suffering beyond imagination.