Reviews by robbo
Stay with it past ten minutes, and Wow! :D
Suffer through the painfully pretentious video preamble, which lasts about ten minutes, and then you'll get into a wonderful, marvelous and truly illuminating history of jazz. If you know nothing about it, as I did, it's ok, the video will slide you into jazz and its history effortlessly and painlessly. You'll be captivated, as I was, You don't even have to like jazz to enjoy this, but at least you'll have some knowledge about it! :D
Help! is great!
This is a madcap, kooky, hilarious, funny, zany movie, with wacky dialogue. I even like it better than Hard Days Night! See it again today!
It's a nice movie.
This is a pleasant, often heart-warming story about jazz great Benny Goodman. It's superficial - it does not cover his work in Hollywood, and it has no real narrative drama. The love story is nice. His parents are stock Jewish parents characters. But the music is terrific, and we get to see Gene Krupa, the greatest drummer who ever lived, in action. It's a nice movie.
A Classic!
This is a terrific, although goofy musical. Pink polka dots, an opening shot much longer than Orson Welles oping shot in Touch of Evil, Carmen Miranda, who's always great, sings the Lady In the Tutti-Fruitti Hat, even Eugene Pallette sings, Busby Berkeley is at is wildest.
Pretentious Failure
This movie has so much wrong with it. Much of the music is not blues. It has two many scenes with Joe Seneca posturing and talking about what the blues really is, and he really just lists stereotypes. In fact, blues stereotypes is what this movie is really all about. I found none of the three lead characters believable. The ending is predictable garishly filmed. There are too many names dropped. Having a character mention Son House or Sonny Boy Williamson does not make a character more believable.
As far as blues movies, even the Blues Brothers is better than this.