Reviews by robbo
Good book, great movie, Gregory Peck's best.
Good book, much better movie. One of the best films ever made, in my opinion.
Mr. Magoo Plays It Straight
This gets my vote as the best and most touching and heart-rending, at times, version of Dickens' classic tale. Mr magoo plays it straight, it's not a Mr. Magoo cartoon like the short cartoons he made. The ending is glorious, as it should be. See it.
I did not find any satisfactory answer to the question the book raises, namely the existence of a Divine god of Mercy and Love and also the existence of unspeakable evil and human suffering beyond imagination.
I am a huge Dylan fan, but this film is very pretentious. Artsy fartsy, having several people play Dylan, and it occasionally portrays things about him, but ultimately, "Nothing is revealed." The soundtrack is pretty good, though, the library has that, check it out and give it a listen. For a Dylan movie, check out the much maligned Masked and Anonymous. It's brilliant.
Not worth it - Mediocre
What's bad about this movie? The performances, the plotting, the dialogue, the characterizations,...the music is occasionally interesting, but not until the final half hour. There is a very clumsy nod to civil rights, including a ludicrous, heavy-handed use of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The ending is excruciating Hollywood happy ending, unbelievable and ridiculous. The final musical performance, however, is colossal. Before that, the music, like everything else, is mediocre.
Also, this is based on a true story, but it's light years away from the truth of the story.