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Lots of Photos
This small book is chock-full of photographs of old drive-in theaters. The text is mostly lengthy picture captions, but some of the history of the Drive-In Theater is contained in them. The author points out which of them are still operating as well.
Fun but difficult
Other reviewers have a point. The Theramin is a fascinating instrument and a lot of fun to experiment with. it is, however, difficult to play well. You can goof around and get different sounds, learn how to move your hands to achieve certain sounds, but playing real tunes is difficult. It would require a lot of practice.

So get it for the novelty and fun, but don't expect to play it well.

I'm sure this is why we use keyboard based synthesizers now
Interesting read
Very interesting look on how a privileged life can negatively affect kids/teens. There were great ideas for non-wealthy parents, too. It's a concept we've all heard before - money can't buy happiness. This book points out the specifics of this.
Great for Parents and Kids alike
My expectations for this movie were mixed - seemed like a grab by LEGO corp to cash in, but the reviews were good. After seeing it - I was glad we all watched. There are a lot of pop/culture references for the adults, humor, action for the kids, cool ideas about when it's OK to be an individual and when a team effort is best, and some sentiment that appeals to both. While it isn't the best movie ever, it's worth a look and a great evening for the whole family. Teens, kids, adults - we all liked it!
Another Excellent Book
This is another excellent book from Jhumpa Lahiri. The Lowland is about the lives of two brothers and how events in the Naxalite movement in India shaped them both. Lahiri has an amazing way of seeing the sadness, hopelessness, and truth in simple, everyday events. She follows the stories of the brothers and the people they touch beautifully. She also moves back and forth between parts of the stories so that more and more is revealed as the book progresses. Yes, this book is sad at times, but it also has some hopeful notes, which many of her works lack. She shows us an interesting window into the lives of Indian-American immigrants, and all those who struggle to fit in to a new place when family and tradition continue on in the old place. Give this or her other works a try. She's an amazing writer.