Reviews by PattySmith
G is for Great Book
Both my kids loved this book, it contains oodles of little known facts about the 16th President of the United State. Each page is a letter of the alphabet and includes 3-5 facts using the assigned letter. For example, H is for Hat-Lincoln, a tall man, wore a stovepipe hat, which made him look even taller. He used the hat to carry paperwork.
The combination of whimsical illustrations and fun facts made for a family favorite in our house!
Anti-fairy tale
I can’t write too much about this book without giving it away. I was drawn to the graphic novel by the beautiful illustrations. The cute, classic children's book illustrations had me expecting a fairy tale journey. Was I ever wrong! This was more like an anti-fairly tale! The graphic novel was filled with blood, gore, jealousy, greed and much much more! I had to be careful to not leave it out in the open for fear that my young children would get a hold of it. Without giving too much away it is the story of a mass exodus of a civilization into a new and dangerous world. In addition to being cautious of their new world, the characters also find themselves having to protect themselves against each other! Did I like it? You bet!
Yummy and good for you!
This weekend this book and I became very close, I practically slept with it. In it fruits and vegetables are grouped together by color and each has a nutritional information page with a simple recipe idea. The pictures are mouth watering and it was my experience that anything I tried ended up looking exactly like the picture in the book. It was just that simple!
I tried my hand at the sweet potato with balsamic reduction recipe and upon taking my first bite I regretted not making more! The second time around I cheated and bought a pre-made balsamic reduction from Trader Joe's. ( It tasted good, but I enjoyed the homemade balsamic reduction from the recipe better.
I also tried the recipe of Brussels sprouts with walnuts and naval orange zest and enjoyed the combination immensely! I think the only mistake I made was trying to make 2 recipes at once and not timing the steps well. Still, the dishes were excellent and since then I have made the sweet potato dish several times this week.
A cutie!
This is a cute little book about a girl and a mouse who are good friends, but go about hiding their friendship for fear of getting in trouble. It is only when they go looking for their mommas that they realize they aren't the only creatures keeping a secret! The illustrations are adorable and it's fun to see how the human house compares to that of the mouse family. You'll have to check it out to find out what the secret is!
"There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!"
What a fun way to revisit your childhood with this retro cartoon!