Reviews by isadoades
I loved it. I bought it on an impulse even though I had no idea what it was about. It was the best impulsive thing I have ever done. I loved how the lead up to the choosing ceremony was small so it wasn't messing with your mind about what she would pick. The way it explained how people were and what the looked like was just amazing to me because there were no exact descriptions of each character. The only thing I would want to change about it is mainly how Tris is described. I love to get solid images of the main character and I felt like I didn't get as good of one as I hoped.

Now when I look at people I can kinda guess what faction their in. Like my brother is in Erudite and my Mother Candor or Abegation. My Dad Dauntless and me Dauntless or Amity. I love this book and would read it all over again if given the chance.
It was impossible for me to put down. I couldn't read another book for a week because I was reading it over and over again. It is wonderfully evil and makes you feel like you're really in their world. Amazing sequel to an even more amazing series. Nothing can match the love and romance between Ethan and Lena. Better than Twilight. Twilight fans will love it more than Twilight itself.