Reviews by sugarmagnolia
1.0 Star
This book really disappointed me. Most of it had to do with the fact that well... both characters bored me to death. Emma is a sap, she's my least favorite NR charachter ever. EVER. it still carries the same problems of the first book for me (there was no real conflict, and the conflict was in the last 20 pages so the resolution was no where NEAR realistic. typically it doesn't take much for me to suspend reality- i know what i'm getting myself into.) these characters really push into the chick-lit kinsella/giffin/bushnell world that i've avoided for so long. SATC has tainted female friendships in print and on film... and in real life. HOWEVER! the writing is still 10X better than anything coming out of the GIFNELLA monster. I really only finished it to get to Laurel's story. I have great hopes for #3.
2.0 Stars
this book is not anywhere near my favorite NR novel, although the love interest was likable (it could be that whole married-to-a-future-professor thing i have going for me). it's the things that NR didn't do that made me like it. it could be that i just finished The Key trilogy, but outside of the crazy mother, i didn't feel like there was any serious barrier or hurdle for Mac/Carter to jump- and the mother/daughter thing certainly didn't bring enough conflict to push this book to 300+ pages. i was disappointed mostly because the love interest and dynamic of the relationship could've been so much more interesting, given more dramatic circumstances.
5.0 Stars
This about sums it up for me:
"Gracious heavenly Father, I thank Thee for the White
Way of Delight and the Lake of Shining Waters and Bonny
and the Snow Queen. I'm really extremely grateful for
them. And that's all the blessings I can think of just
now to thank Thee for. As for the things I want,
they're so numerous that it would take a great deal of
time to name them all so I will only mention the two
most important. Please let me stay at Green Gables;
and please let me be good-looking when I grow up.
I remain,
Yours respectfully,
Anne Shirley."

i fell in love with anne shirley at that exact moment. The book took MUCH longer to read than I ever thought it would. it dragged quite a bit, but I'm sure it's mostly just characteristic of Canadian Literature at the time. It is very dense and I would've never gotten through this as a kid, and I was an *avid* reader. The juice is worth the squeeze, or whatever they say.
No Stars
i didn't finish this book.
reviewing items you've (clearly) never read in such a flippant way is an insult to the literary community. This is disappointing, to say the least.
2.0 Stars
it was about as silly as it sounds, but not abysmal. two stars because the pace was good, the story and premise weren't drawn out (195p) and there was a decent twist. the author is a YA author moving into Adult, and it shows, but I give her some credit for taking the leap.