Reviews by kinetisonic
Facinating future. Missing reader connection to characters
The setup for the story was very interesting - the possible future laid out was darkly compelling. However I never warmed up to the characters. I didn't care enough about them and the whole book started to drag when the connection was obviously missing. Again, the ideas were interesting, and if you are into explorations of how our future might play out on earth, then certainly pick this up. But I sometimes need the dance of story to pull me through, and I found this book a little lacking there.
Easy to understand guide to being aware and present
This book is a welcome fresh guide to becoming aware of the essential ground of our daily lives. It presents techniques for noticing the chatter that keeps us from directly experiencing what is happening in the moment. The author has a good sense of humor, and encourages the reader to not be too judgmental as they explore these techniques.

To any student of Buddhism or other tradition of mind training or awareness meditation, the ideas within will feel familiar. However it is nice to have these techniques presented without the tradition, in order to see the practices in a different light. This book is an enjoyable piece of the puzzle.

A great book for gently loosening the hold of habits and noticing the wonder of life.