Reviews by krayla
Gripping and sad
I loved this audiobook! The concept of a feed of advertisements constantly running in one's brain is both terrifying and relatable. The futuristic society that Anderson paints is completely believable- although there are some drastic changes such as companies owning just about everything, many changes are subtle enough to be expected over such a long period of time. The slang, for example, draws upon already existing words and phrases which represent very natural semantic shifting. I have to admit that the story was not what I expected, but it was excellent nonetheless! I bet almost anyone can relate in some way to Titus and Violet. The best part of this audiobook was the use of special effects to demonstrate how the feed feels and sounds- it's like your'e a part of the story itself. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone new to audiobooks!
so funny!
This book is hilarious! The group of animal friends tries to decide who will get the ball out of the dark and scary doghouse, and Mouse is always sure to point the finger at someone else! The surprise ending will delight preschoolers and grownups alike.
not what I expected
I was really hoping for a "twist on the classic song" as the description says... unfortunately the twist is that they added in Pete the Cat and nothing else. The classic song is exactly the same. I was also a little creeped out that there are cats on the farm who look an awful lot like Pete even though Pete himself is the farmer.

That being said, the classic song of "Old McDonald had a Farm" IS pretty great! Pairing this book with a recording of the song or making up new verses would be fun!
Yetis get scared too!
Even Yeti gets scared at night sometimes when shadows creep up the wall! He gets very nervous every time he sees unfamiliar shapes, but they're only his precious animal friends. This is a great silly and soothing bedtime story, and works just as well at a night- or monster- themed storytime.
Great for storytelling!
I love telling this story to groups, with or without the book. It's a great alternative to more popular tricksters like Anansi. The pictures in this one are perfect for large or small groups.