Reviews by chynowethk
Local Artist
This is one of my favorite art prints in the AADL collection. Many of my favorites are by local artist Tom Walsh. Check out the other ones for more good art!
Kids and Technology
I read this book because it was written by Mark Zuckerberg's sister. He's the founder of facebook and this book for children is about drawing kids away from technology and social media. Good message but it could have been told better, in my opinion.
A Favorite
I particularly love the story A Good Marriage and was pleased to find it narrated well. The other stories are pretty good too. As a huge King fan, I'll probably listen to it again at some point!
Good Start
I found out this year that making aged cheese is difficult! There are a lot of steps and attention to detail is extremely necessary. This book has a lot of information but isn't always as detailed as I found it needed to be. You should educate yourself with more than this book if you are looking to successfully make aged cheese. Use the internet! Find more help and ingredients at Adventures in Homebrewing on Jackson Rd. in Ann Arbor.

That said, I love the recipes for soft cheese in this book. I found it easy and delicious, and I'm more into soft cheese anyway, which is lucky since it's so much easier and quicker to make.
Teenage Love
Very well written teenage love story, some awkward moments I didn't particularly enjoy just because they felt uncomfortable (too close to home?). I am looking forward to her next book.