Reviews by SamiraTootie
Phantom Tollbooth
This is a classic book! It doesnt matter how old you are, this book is wonderful. Each ideas are elaborated just enough so all audiences will understand, but never too much.

There should be a list of books that all [literate] people should read, and this should be a part of the top 50.

Purely genious book.
Pretty okay.
I read this book last year.Looking back I don't remember much of it. The only things I remembered off the bat about it were the cover and the title.
I like the idea of telling a story of your summer experience without the people you depend on, yet I expected her to forge her own path much earlier in the book and because she didnt it feels like two separate stories, the story of the girl who gets a job the summer after her father died while her boyfriend is away and the story of a girl falling in love with a guy who works with her as a caterer.

Its a good read. It changed pace too fast and too late in the game for my tastes, but after it happened the story was almost pure gold.
Its a quirky book. Quite pleasing.
Best waldo of all time.
This could possibly be the most brain busting Where's Waldo of all time. Unlike the others there are different challenges, my favorite being the 'find 20 differences' pages. There are bookwide searches included in the pages.

I love this book and I am very suprised it is not checked out all the time.