Reviews by jgetty
I like all the colors very much, but sometimes these kinds of pictures make me afraid to look to closely because there might be an image that upsets me hidden in there. I'll just look from faraway at the nice colors and hope it is a nice positive picture.
Hard Work
Farming is hard work and this picture is very pretty scenery, but the work of farm work is tough.
Very Parallel
I like the order of this work, and the blue color is very pretty.
I enjoyed this first story in the Tillerman series so very much. It is such a thoughtful book and inspirational. I believe now that this is a series that I will be sad to have end. I am so glad that this is the first of the series, because I want to continue reading about this family, learning about their journey and how they overcome these life challenges. Their resilience is incredible, and I was sometimes nervous and upset about how people treated them and the hardships and cruelty they had to survive. I'm grateful that Dicey is kind to her siblings because they are so dependent on her in their very hard life. I really enjoyed when they met people who were kind and who helped them and I was grateful to see there are nice people in this world. I wonder what the next book "Dicey's Song" will bring to my mind, and hope that all works out well for this family of survivors.
The red definitely stands out, but the image is a mystery. My guess is a slice of apple with lipstick smudge.