Reviews by DBJC
Small Measure of Peace
I've seen The Last Samurai many times and I would have to say that The Last Samurai is one of Hans Zimmer's best scores. Of course, this is my opinion, but I've also been listening to Hans Zimmer's music since I was six years old. I listen to this over and over again because the music is chilling and beautiful. My favorite track, Small Measure of Peace, is so beautiful that it sends chills down my back. The solo cello is just so beautiful and mellow...

Listen to it. Love it.
The Last Samurai
I really like this movie. There are differing opinions about this movie, but it's definitely not terrible. Not at all! The acting is substantial, the music is great, and the scenery is beautiful. It probably isn't the best movie to write a history paper about, but I think it's a good movie for those who don't really like history. I would recommend this movie to action lovers and those who are interested in Japanese history but don't know where to start.
I read the back of this manga and it said that it swooned teenage girls across Japan. I know why. This manga really is suited for teenage girls mainly for the fact that the protagonists are in high school. I'm not in high school anymore, but I finished reading it because I felt really bad for the main two characters, Kira and Rei. Their pasts are so...broken. The only thing that bothers me is that Kira cries a lot. It's okay for female characters to cry, don't get me wrong, but I think she cries a bit too much. Anyway, it's a pretty decent manga for...the romantic-loving type of people. I guess. But above all I think that Kira are Rei and pretty good characters to read about. Am I going to keep reading the series? Yes. Why? Because of Rei and Kira and their struggles.
I know why Marion Cotillard won that Oscar
I'm learning French. That's the main reason why I picked up this movie other than I love Marion Cotillard and I also enjoy Edith Piaf's music. With that said, I watched this movie to get some French practice in while learning about Edith Piaf. I can't really critique what parts of the movie were accurate and which weren't since I don't know all the details about Edith Piaf's life, but I can say that I learned a little bit more about her. The way that the movie is structured can be a bit confusing, but at least they have dates in the corner. What I liked best about the movie is Marion Cotillard's performance. WOW! I've seen her in so many other movies, but seeing her in this film completely gave me an understanding of why she won this Oscar. Her performance was exceptional. Absolutely exceptional. I wished things were pieced together a bit differently, but I can't deny Marion Cotillard's performance. If not for the actual movie, watch this for Marion! I should probably mention that this movie is rated R for brief nudity and substance abuse so this isn't a school friendly movie.
The Heart of Rome
First, I want to say that I'm extremely interested in Rome and the might that they carried through their highest time in history. With that said, i enjoyed this book just for the fact that it took place in Ancient Rome. Most of the story is from the point of view of Thea, a Jewish slave girl who works for Lepida her evil mistress, but it also tells the point of view from Lepida as well. This story has gladiators, slave girls falling in love with gladiators and having children, murder, betrayal, step sons falling in love with their step mothers, and of course, emperors and his enemies. This book would probably be more enjoyable for those who know a little bit about Rome.