Reviews by DBJC
There aren't many sci fi books that feature people of color, so I'm glad that I found this book and picked it up. I also haven't read any science fiction books that jumped into slave territory. As in, the main character from a current time goes back in slavery. Now, I know that would suck. And as this book portrayed, slaverydoes actually suck. I was engaged throughout the entire book, and it was thrilling and suspenseful enough to the point where I finished it in a weekend even with my busy schedule. It definitely has interesting premise with a plot that is unusual and maybe a bit uncomfortable and inconvenient for certain readers. But Octavia Butler is an author that chooses to boldly step forward into a time period that is often talked about but yet forgotten. The book is a reminder that the past should not be forgotten no matter how long ago it was because it still affects the present. I do have to admit that the ending is a bit strange, though inventive. Though it is strange, it's not surprising since it's science fiction and in the science fiction world, anything can happen. I wouldn't openly recommend this book to anyone because of the subject matter, but if you want a taste in a different kind of science fiction, experience a life that you would never experience, or just read for the thrill of it, I would lay this book down on the table in front of you. It's not a hard read, and it's not a slow read either, so why not pick up a small book and read it if not for any other reason?
I've heard A LOT of stuff about this book before I read it. So, I jumped in thinking that it was going to be a good book. Now, I've read a lot of dystopian novels before, and this one was definitely a dystopian novel. Choosing ceremony, scary alternate reality, etc. I was actually very interested in the world that Roth created. The factions had specific characteristics that caused them to act the way that they do. The factions reminded me of humans and their opinions and what could or couldn't happen if they all came together. There would be war...and there is. That's the MAIN reason why I chose to continue reading it.

I actually didn't really care about Tris at all because I found the writing bland. The story is what gripped me, not the writing. At all. In fact I found myself annoyed at the prose so much because the prose sounded choppy at times. Sometimes enough to make the story uninteresting. So if you're passionate about decorative, elaborate writing, don't read this book. You'll be surely disappointed. If you're tired of dystopian novels with choosing ceremonies and stories about trying to fit in, then don't read this book. If you DO like The Hunger Games, then read it. You won't be disappointed.

I think this is the only book that I've read where I cared more about the world. I hope as I read the other two books I'll get a better feel of the factions. It's a pretty good premise, but with bland writing. But I would recommend this a good read for dystopian lovers.
It's Still Heroes
I too thought that season 2 was way weaker than the first. But I do have to admit that I still continued to watch it because I loved the characters and wanted to see what they would get into next. It's not as awe striking as the first season, but it reveals more, explains more, and sets up for the third season. Really at this point I think that true fans of the series will continue watching it. Others will probably end at season 1, but it's still good. It's not entirely the creators' fault for this weak season due to the writer's strike, so I would watch it to prepare for the third season and beyond.
Pixar Does it Again
Usually I love Pixar movies, so I wasn't surprised when I liked this one too. The Incredibles is INCREDIBLE. I've had my share of superhero movies, but I've never seen or read a story about a superhero family seemingly being normal. Or trying to be, anyway. They go through the same problems that a normal family goes through, which is often ignored in superhero movies. It has enough action to keep you going, and enough story and sentimentally to keep you feeling for this family. My family watches this movie all the time and it never gets old! Sometimes we even recite our favorite quotes. I would recommend to anyone and everyone. 5/5 stars!
Almost...but not quite
I was a bit anxious to see this movie when I heard that another Superman movie was coming out. 21st century Superman movies haven't been going on the right road...and Man of Steel is a shaky one. It started off with action, which was a bit too long for a beginning of a movie. Then, it kept going back and forth between Clark's childhood and adulthood, which was confusing at first. Well, what happened is that it tried to skip his childhood without skipping his childhood. What do I recommend? DO NOT WATCH SMALLVILLE BEFORE WATCHING THIS MOVIE. It will seem very rushed. Because it kind of is. I think that Snyder could have done a better job balancing character development and action because they were imbalanced. At one point I found myself bored with the action. Also, the romance between Superman and Lois was kind of...awkward. I mean, not the acting, but how their romance developed. It seemed nonexistent and then POW! KISS. But, the cinematography was good, Superman wasn't wearing underwear, the music was great, and the acting wasn't sub par. Henry Cavill nailed his American accent (yes, he's British). His cape was awesome. Also the way that he was hovering was so...glorious. BUT the movie still could've been better. 3/5. Would I recommend? Eh. It was better in the cinemas. At least watch it before the sequel comes out. Oh yes, there's going to be a sequel. Which is basically a Justice League movie.