Reviews by DBJC
An Interstellar Score!
I have listened to just about all of Hans Zimmer's scores and many of them have been the epitome of my listening career (I speak about that as though it's a thing). The score itself sent chills up my back when I first heard "Dreaming of Crash" in the movie theater. The organ, the strong, major chord, the slight familiarity of 2001: A Space Odyssey are just a few things that I love about this score. As a space enthusiast, I was very interested in the music as soon as I heard it in the teaser trailer about a year before the movie premiered. I remember the simple organ that sounded like twinkling stars, the sense of wander as the scale moved upward and the music crescendoed. I remember looking up at the night sky, listening to this on repeat and hoping that one day I would be able to leave Earth. Maybe that won't happen, but the music definitely inspired me to believe that one day I will.

Like many of Hans Zimmer's scores, he's easily recognizable, not only for his artistic simplicity, but for his strong use of percussion. He doesn't use percussion in this score that often, but his use of lower tones is definitely heard in "Mountains" (which features during the scene when they're in the middle of water and are about to be eaten by a large wave that is mistaken for mountains), and "Detach." There is quite a bit of ambience in the score, so if you don't mind a bit of free-wandering music from time to time, I would recommend listening to the album from the first track to the last.
Knights of Sidonia 2
It's a relief that I know the characters better now in this volume. With that said, I was surprised by the loss of characters and I finally feel the nagging need and desire for the humans to survive. I also want to know why Earth is split it half...on to volume 3!
At least it wasn't a total loss
Really, this movie could have turned out worse than it did. As a person who grew up with the games, this movie is nothing compared to the games, but I did like Angelina Jolie as Lara. I'll give Simon West that. There were also some pretty good fight scenes like the one in her house, but the movie overall was lacking. And why do they call her a superhero? She's not a superhero. Anyway, the movie was okay. I would recommend watching it if you have nothing else to do.
Attack on Space
It's probably not fair to say that, but that's the vibe that I'm getting from reading the first volume of this manga. It's interesting, however, different from AOT in the way that there is more the world than humans trying to survive. But, I was lost the entire time and couldn't find myself having a burning desire to go out and get the second volume. Actually, I already have the second volume so I'm just going to go ahead and read it. I haven't seen the anime yet, so I can't compare. But hopefully I'll get a better sense of what its going on in this epic space story. 3/ 5 stars for this one.

8/5 UPDATE: I would recommend reading it a second time. It's not as confusing if re-read and thought about. But still a promising 3/5.
On the Nature of Daylight
Max Richter is one of my favorite post-classical composers. His music is simply composed, which is why many people think that he's a minimalist (even though he doesn't identify himself as such). This album in particular is very calming to listen to, and very beautiful as well with "On the Nature of Daylight" stealing the show. The track was also featured in the movie Shutter Island. The blend of instrumentals and spoken word is very interesting, and it works, especially with Tilda Swinton's voice. I would recommend this to any contemporary classical music lovers.