Reviews by sdunav
Vulgar, Funny, Perceptive
The first sentence is a grabber (and bit of a shocker): "In the past year, I masturbated exactly 468 times."

In actuality, this is a very sweet story about a 17 y.o. suffering from OCD. I think the first sentence probably puts some readers off (on goodreads, anyway), but if it makes more teenaged boys read it, I'm all for it. Karo does an excellent job channeling a teen boy (maybe because he isn't too far from it himself?) and the social agonies of high school. And then there's the problems of seeing a psychiatrist, trying cognitive behavioral therapy, and medication.
Better Than Average Regency Romance
Just a sweet, lovely romance. That sounds insipid (and I still don't know what the title's supposed to mean, since it bears little relation to the story), but this was a hugely enjoyable story of two neighbors who see each other through their windows, dislike one another, and then get to know each other better.
Haunting Story
This was a riveting story; I had a hard time putting it down - though a few parts were horrifying and sad. It was beautifully written. And the stories about race and discrimination were pretty eye-opening.

I couldn't help wondering how much of it was autobiographical, and thinking how very sad for Raboteau if it were true.

One thing only bothered me - a character dies in a way that I saw rebutted on Mythbusters recently.
Dark Fantasy
This is a dark, fairly brutal fantasy and coming of age story about a young boy from a cold, medieval Norse-type culture who joins the local "werthreat" - a military group that is bonded to wolves and protects the villagers and gentry from trolls and wyverns.

The wolf-man bond has some interesting repercussions, especially when it comes to hierarchy and sex. I don't want to give too much more away than that (and I have to say the reviews I read were good about not giving spoilers, either, except for the repeated use of words like powerful and brutal).

Do NOT read the reviews, they are almost all hugely spoilerific.
Ghosts and Romance
A pretty good ghost story and love story combined, with some fun characters and intriguing world building.