Reviews by sdunav
Good, but...
...many of the papers have too much jargon for a non-academic audience. Those anthropologists need to learn how to write!
Unappreciated Essays on Nature, Gardening, and Yard Care
This is a collection of lovely essays combining science, personal stories about graduate school research on weeds, motherhood, and gardening and home (actually, yard) ownership. Gift makes many cogent points, and I wish her book were better known. If you liked Michael Pollan's essays on gardening ("Second Nature"), then you'll probably like this book.

Also, if Gift doesn't convince you to stop putting pesticides on your lawn, nothing will.
Yobgorgle's A Little Dated..
...which isn't too surprising, since it was originally published in 1979, but it is still entertaining and enjoyable. My son especially liked the food descriptions and the bizarre characters.
Good Basic Foraging Guide
with clear photographs and short essays on the most commonly collected wild plants in several eco-zones (wetlands, yards, woodlands, deserts, sea shores). There are some fun recipes at the end of the book.
Recommended for Teachers
...especially high school teachers who want their students to explore the relationships between people and plants. Great for ecological and environmental education, anthropology, and science projects - lots of forms that can be used, ideas for programs, worksheets, etc.