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I wrote a thorough review of this book (after getting it from the AADL!) at my website:
Why did AADL buy this lousy book??
This is not a new 2010 publication, it was originally published in 2007. At the time, AADL did not have any copies. I got in from the MelCat system to review it.

I am a full-time guitar teacher, have reviewed over 300 guitar books for use with my students. This book is a disservice to everyone. I sincerely hoped it would go out of print. It is decently printed and laid out, but the content is awful. It says to strum using "only your wrist. Don't move your entire arm." with no other clear explanation. This is terrible advice that could cause serious injury if interpreted as is sounds. Furthermore, the book's songs are unclear, whole bunches of chords are taught early, with photos that show bad thumb position. Even full barre chord F is taught relatively early. This book will discourage anyone and turn them away from guitar. The generic public domain folk songs shown are poorly notated and unclear, and rhythms will be impossible if you don't already know how the song should sound. There are THOUSANDS of guitar books out there, and this author deserves contempt for having added yet another book that has bad (sometimes even incorrect) content without any regard to why the world needs another book. The only unique factors to this are negative aspects. Everything positive about this book was already available in previous sources!

Obviously the library just chose this because they have some connection with this publisher and the book looked good. The library didn't get anyone qualified to review it before buying, and the publisher didn't bother getting anyone qualified to WRITE IT before printing! This book is pollution. The only effect it has is making readers less likely to find the quality resources out there. The author and publisher should be ashamed and the library should be a little more careful and skeptical about what they buy.
Inspring and personal, not preachy
This is just a great human-interest character-based documentary. The wife/mother was not at all an activist or environmentalist before this. She was a shopaholic, take-out-eating, oblivious, generic American. Overall, everyone shines in their basic honest and transparency. This is not a story of perfection or triumph, but a story of people examining their lifestyle and their relation to each other and the world. I highly recommend it!
Great follow-up, more valuable insights
A bit more casual writing style compared to his first book (though both are entertaining and perfectly readable), this includes further insights and scientific evidence to support them. There's important issues discusses such as revenge, apology, motivation, dating, empathy... all these are connected to fun and interesting experiments.

One valuable example: when they find the tasks meaningful, people will choose to work instead of getting paid without working or when doing less meaningful work. This behavior is even shown in some animals! But Ariely studies this by the difference between people building legos and getting to see the cumulative result versus building legos while they see them taken apart immediately as they build the next one.

There is so much more here and it is very accessible reading! I highly recommend this to absolutely everyone!
Superb! I recommend to everyone!
This is accessible, entertaining, insightful, and important. Dan Ariely gets right to the heart of why common sense often fails to account for our behavior. His controlled research provides real evidence against the simplistic views of traditional economics. This has deep value for every one of us as we deal with our relationships, finances, and views of society.

This book ought to be ALWAYS checked out! Read it today! Recommend it to friends!

By the way, short video summaries in a fun style have been made and are available at