Reviews by vicki browne
Printz Honor earns it's Award!
Celtic legend tells of the Kapulishka, blood thirsty horses who come out of the ocean every November to race along the shoreline with brave riders from the island of Thesby. Sean Kendrick, who’s father was killed in this race has now won it four times. Puck Connolly, the 1st girl to have ever entered the race is racing too, with hopes of taking the winnings to pay off the farm her and her brothers live on, as her parents were also killed at sea by these horses. Stiefvater has created the soundtrack for this reading performance and plays the bagpipes and adds various percussive instruments, which makes for a haunting perfect accompaniment.
Haunting, beautiful Take 2
I agree totally with the reviewer above.
Also, I can't wait for the day when 'Teen Books' are not overlooked for being classified as 'Teen Books'

A missing child and the heartache and pursuit of the mother on the one hand,
along side Sophie and her Mother, a twosome, sequestered from the 'No Goods' on the other.

The reader is guided along from the beginning to suspect that the alternating voices in the story are the missing child and her Mother.
So the plot is presented straight away, but oh the marvelous characters and the poetic language
that delivers them to us are unforgettable.
Take Two
Love is a curse, which everyone gets a cure for when they reach age 16. Alex, like her Mother before her has become ‘infected’ and has fallen in love, thus must flee and live as a refugee. Those ‘cured’ are detached from passion, but also from sympathy. She hooks up with one of the leaders of the opposition, which is called DFA or Delirium Free America. A survival story, until a surprise ending tells the reader a third book is next and a love triangle is now front and center.
Author from Ann Arbor
Author, Rachel DeWoskin, is spot on with her remembrances of high school and delivers a coming-of-age story that is both heartbreaking and full of funny smart voices.
Judy is attending Darcy Academy, located in Ann Arbor, a showcase for talented teens in the arts (sound familiar?), she has a knock 'em dead voice, and she's stands three feet, nine inches tall. Why then has she run away to hide at the seedy Motel Manor?
Judy falls hard for Jeff, a film student at Darcy with dreamy eyes. Her best friends Goth Sarah and Motivated Molly try to keep Judy grounded, but first love is, after all, a force field to be reckoned with.
Author Nicola Keegan says "Witty, intuitive, and moving, Big Girl Small, examines the crucial moment when we either listen to what the world says and stay small, or dare to sing out at the top of our lungs."
I'll Be There
Music, loyalty, and imagination, these are the threads that carry this story, along with characters you'll never forget. Riddle is the younger brother who draws the inner workings of machines and gadgets and speaks sparingly. He and his older brother, Sam, live with their unstable Father, whose stealing ways keeps them isolated and on the run. Along comes the Bell family, changing all of their lives forever. Chance meetings and small decisions in the right direction are cornerstone to this story.