Reviews by mcintosh
The complete package
Although I'm generally not into fantasy films -- mostly romance and action/drama -- but I must say thanks to my friends for dragging me out to see the first LOTR movie. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. The films have everything I love in movies: romance, action, drama, great dialog, great chemistry of the actors and amazing scenery. It's the complete package. I saw all three films and absolutely loved Return of the King. I own it and watch it on occasion. Although the film can in no way be considered a "chick flick," but you definitely feel the strong romantic attractions and has one of the best kissing scenes I've ever seen in Hollywood. Many times I just play the ending of Return over and over. I start where Frodo wakes up. It is one of the best movie endings ever!!! The the actors in the series were simply perfect for their selected roles. All the films were great and Return of the King totally rocked!