Reviews by Smile1975
The book was okay not my absolute favorite but i liked in in total
Disappointing in every practical way!
Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks are delightful in everything that they do, but the movie- Saving Mr. Banks is not true to actual events. I love the movie Mary Poppins. I have not read the books, but this movie does not make me want to read the books, see the movie or even find out more information about the real people the movie portrays. Some true life events should not be retold as a "Walt Disney" movie; for a "Walt Disney" movie is wanting a happily ever after ending; which the true story is anything but that. Very disappointing movie. I do not recommend for adults or children; especially if you enjoy the movie- Mary Poppins.
Love This Book
This is one of those late night reads! I found this book a really good sequel and am right now reading the third book Fable~ Order
Unenchated Fariest Fable BTW READ THIS BOOK IF YOU LOVED THE FIRST ONE AND IF YOU ARE A HATER WELL HATERS GOTTA HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You Got To Read It
This like the best book ever if you enjoy lots of suspense read it!
it was intresting