Reviews by mellonir
What can be said about Toshiro Mifune, other than the fact that he RULES!?
For a historical drama it was quite entertaining with some admirable performances, beautiful locations and costuming and convincing fight choreography.
Top notch in the samurai movie genre.
The swordwork is excellent and the script/plot keeps to the manga, due to Koike composing the screenplay. WAY better than the Lone Wolf and Cub TV series.
Wakayama Tomisaburo isn't the handsome Ogami in appearance, but he does a sterling acting job and fits the role perfectly.
Great stuff!
Just, Wow...
Ah, anime. I love you so...
Disney, You Suck!
Of course, this film is my favourite of all-time! It beats out classics like The Empire Strikes Back and Akira. My only problem is how Disney/Buena Vista screwed up the english translation in the dub and the sub-titles. Come on you idjits, it's a forest, not a "jungle"-- and the pronunciation of Ohmu as "Ohms" is quite irritating. Thank goodness for my bootleg copy in japanese with english subs. Maybe the Disney people ought to read some manga once in a while. If you really liked this version of the film, please take the time to find Hayao Miyazaki's original manga of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. The anime, even in the original japanese, is but a abbreviated nod to the literally thousands of pages of beautiful drawings.