Reference U.S.A.- looking for someone or info on companies?

Reference USAReference USA

So your old friend moved to Nevada but you don’t know where. Try using the library’s research product Reference USA to find them. Reference USA is found on the library’s website under the Research tab.

Another very important & useful feature of this software is looking up businesses by region/etc and limiting the search to specific types of companies. It’s a great resource for sales & marketing leads. My search for info on ICE CREAM & FROZEN DESSERTS (MFRS) in Michigan yielded 40 businesses.

Use Reference USA at any Ann Arbor District Library location or from your home / business computer. Off site usage requires your Ann Arbor District Library card #.

TumbleBooks: Online Stories for Kids


One of the eResources that the library subscribes to is Tumblebooks. You can read stories, listen to stories, and get help on sounding out words. I like Robert Munsch. TumbleBooks has five stories by him: 50 Below Zero, The Fire Station, The Paper Bag Princess, Pigs, and Wait and See. I just listened to Robert Munsch read 50 Below Zero. I could read along and watch the animated illustrations. It was great. Give TumbleBooks a try.

Help for Literature Students

Are you taking a lit class this semester? Before you tackle that term paper, check out what the Literature Resource Center database has to offer.

Literature Resource Center contains journal articles, selected websites, and reference articles on over 128,000 authors! Find criticism and overviews of works, author biographies - even see a timeline of literary events.

Access this database in the Arts, Literature, & Humanities section of our Research page. Use your Library card to search the database from home.

The Perfect Yawn?

Ever ‘caught’ a yawn from someone else? According to University of Maryland professor Robert Provine, about 55% of viewers seeing a yawn will yawn themselves. Provine embarked on a quest to design “the 100 percent contagious yawn” (inspired by a Monty Python sketch).

Intrigued? NPR’s All Things Considered talked to Provine about his experiments on September 24th. See if you can make it though the story without yawning yourself – I couldn’t!

Want to learn more? Read Provine’s article about his early research in the December 2005 issue of American Scientist. The full text of the article is available through the General Reference Center Gold database on the library’s Research page.

Champagne at the Gandy Dancer

Today is the birthday of world renowned poet Donald Hall, and to celebrate, The Writers Almanac is displaying one of his poems, “The judge was decent, but . . “ about Hall’s 1972 marriage in Ann Arbor to poet Jane Kenyon. As the poem says, it was a basic municipal marriage -- but afterwards they did drink champagne at the Gandy Dancer. Five years later they remarried in New Hampshire, ". . . joyful
in a wooden church,
a Saturday afternoon in April,
only Jack Jensen our
friend and minister with us . . ."

Resources for students - graphics for presentations and papers

Need a photo or chart to spruce up that research paper or presentation?

You’re sure to find one among the 3.5 million images in the Associated Press (AP) Multimedia Archive. This database allows you to search or browse AP images from as far back as 1860 – then download, email, or print them to use in your assignments.

Find the AP Multimedia Archive in the General Interest section of our Research page. You can also access the database from home with your Library card.

Homework Helper on Steroids

If anyone you know will be writing research papers this year, be sure to tell them about Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. From Animal experimentation to War crimes, from Global warming to Same sex marriage, it's hard to imagine a topic not covered here, and hundreds of articles can be accessed.

Another of our gold-mine databases is General Reference Center Gold where as of today you will find 42,575,731 articles "updated as recently as recently as Sept. 11, 2007."

ACT/SAT Test Practice on Thursday, September 6

Taking the ACT or SAT soon? LearningExpressLibrary can help you get ready. Join us 7:00-8:30 p.m. in the Pittsfield Computer Training Center and take an e-practice test.

Quick facts about countries for students (and parents)

Looking for information about different countries? Find quick facts about geography, government, history, and more in the SIRS Discoverer database. See country flags and maps, too!

Find SIRS Discoverer in the Kids & Teens section of our Research page. Once you’re on the SIRS homepage, choose Countries from the Database Favorites menu on the right side.

You can access SIRS Discoverer from home with your library card.

Little Useful Tricks For Finding Stuff You Like

Looking for a new great read? Give NoveList a try. For instance, say you love-love-love Walter Mosley, but you've read everything by him. Well, Novelist can give you a list of similar authors. Not only that, it can explain to you how they are similar. Just go under our research tab to see our list of databases and click on Novelist.

Now, say you're looking for this great book that was really popular 3 years ago only you can’t remember the title or author; or this CD from 1982 that had this blue cover...; or what was that movie last summer that everyone saw but you? Infoplease is this super online encyclopedia that has tons of info, including a year by year account of events (including popular books, music, and movies that came out)! Check it out to jog your memory. So how do you get there on our site? Go under 'Research' and then on the left click on 'AADL Select Sites'. Go under 'Decades', and there it is: Infoplease year by year.

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